Seattle Beekeeper at Pike’s Place Market

On a recent trip to Seattle, WA, I stopped in Pike’s Place Market and found this lovely honey store featuring Sunny Honey Company products. The store was stocked full of various honey products in all kinds of shapes, sizes and flavors.

This has me thinking, I need a map of all the honey stores or public apiaries I visit. We can all get honey from the grocery store, but the best honey is local and raw. Some of the mega-chain grocery stores are starting to carry local honey. And, if you travel like we do, then what a fun souvenir to bring back – local honey from all over the globe. So, I’m starting a map of locations I’ve purchased local honey or apiaries I’ve visited along the way.

You can help us plan our next honey destination. What is your favorite honey brand or flavor and where do you purchase your local raw honey?


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