What kind of beds?

Hugel beds! We’re adding permaculture design elements to the ranch to mitigate land erosion and retain rain water. The Hugel beds, after constructed, look like bumps in the landscape, but their impact is dramatically slowing the water runoff and slowly improving soil fertility.  
  Even with the Hugel beds, we have a large volume of water that doesn’t percolate into the GA red clay soil, as you can see (above) from the debris path created after the last rain downhill of the first Hugel bed. 

Below, the right puddle is the uphill side of the Hugel bed. We installed four beds so far. This one is my favorite, but the hardest to construct based upon the clay density. We dug deeper than the other three beds. It appears to be releasing water at a slower pace than the others. Good lesson learned – right place, depth, materials- they all matter.

The hands-on Permaculture Design Class is just what we needed! 

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