Start with a Plan 

Great turnout at the Milkwood Permaculture Urban Farming class yesterday. 

Jean-Martin “JM” Fortier shared great insights on how to Farm and Be Free by being able to make a strong living and having a life in balance. I especially enjoyed his plan for success by taking the time to set up a master plan and rotation guide for the farm. Takes the guess work out of the season by simply following the plan created in advance.  

The right tool for the right project; JM’s zest for ensuring the tools fit the need and scoping the farm to meet the tools- from hands to hand-held to battery powered drill activate, to a few automated tools, this gadget guy knows what he’s doing.

His book The Market Gardener on small scale organic farming is available at his website and he ships internationally. Check it out along with his upcoming documentary.

Completely inspiring.

More info: @jeanmartinfortier #thematketgardener #tmgtoolkit

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