Farm your neighbor’s yard

Translating his Canadian urban farming techniques into Southern Hemisphere possibilities, Curtis Stone’s high-energy talk invigorated the Milkwood Permaculture audience yesterday in Sydney, Australia.

Curtis Stone, speaking at Milkwood, Sydney, AU

The Urban Farmer expanded on his newly published book sharing personal stories highlighting the edge permaculture concept as a key to his continued community success. By first physically changing the use of small plot lots into edible rows of food, neighbors can’t help but take note of the newly formed farm and engage. 

While Curtis is farming on only 1/3 – 1/4 acre (in consolidation over multiple yards), the “Social Edge” circling the farmed yards is much greater. He’s found a system with ripple effects far greater than feeding hundreds of local bellies. He’s feeding minds locally and globally with his many online venues and through personal engagements like this tour.

I like his practice of doing, creating, producing on the land first- let the produce tell the story- sharing the fruits of his labor directly with neighbors, at Farmer’s Markets, Farm-to-Table /Farm-to-Fork restaurants.

photo from Green City Acres

The fact that he can gross $100,000 a year on only 1/4 acre with a greater than 50% profit margin compels me to ask- why aren’t we all trying this? Why not make a part of our yard available for others to farm, if we can not/ do not want to farm it ourselves?

This information was great timing for me as my grow season starts now… Any guesses where you’ll find me shortly? At my own front yard-to-garden farm!! 

What will you do?

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