Honeysuckle Jelly

Love the idea of trying this recipe as one of my fences is covered in honeysuckle… guess you know what I’ll be doing when the honeysuckle next blooms.
Thanks for the great suggestion!!

Howling at the Moon

Ah, the sweet, heady scents of Spring! Travel the Tennessee back roads this time of year with the windows down and you’ll be struck with one flowery scent in particular- the heavenly whiff of honeysuckle blossoms. They grace fence rows and tree stumps, climb trees and garden arbors. And they’re not just for show and smell. This much beloved little wild flower makes a delicious little jelly, too!

My hubby had asked me to find someone who sold kudzu jelly because he wanted to get a jar for a friend.  While hunting around online, I found a retailer that offered honeysuckle. Having always wanted to try flower jelly, I decided I would tackle it, with the help of my family. After all, picking and de-stemming a gallon of the tiny little flowers is not a feat one person should undertake!

Luckily, I knew just where to find them! They’re all…

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