Simple and delicious gestures mean so much!

One of my favorite stops along the Seine River is the “love lock” bridge. This image reminds me of the sentiment. Lovers write their names on a lock or decorate it, go to the Pont des Arts bridge, lock their love lock on the bridge fence and toss the key into the river.
Paris dismantled this display in 2015, siting (thanks @CNN for the update) crumbling of portions of the Pont des Arts bridge due to the estimated combined weight of roughly the same as 20 elephants with the 700,000+ locks. . . . Still, the sentiment travels and pictured here is another example of the same.
For those looking for another way to express some love … how about a yummy meal or moment with Just Right Ranch Let Me Call You Sweet Tart Preserves? We love it and hope you will, too.
Here’s to a wonderful season of love!

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