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We craft jams and harvest honey just right at our ranch for you.

Simple and delicious gestures mean so much!

One of my favorite stops along the Seine River is the “love lock” bridge. This image reminds me of the sentiment. Lovers write their names on a lock or decorate it, go to the Pont des Arts bridge, lock their love lock on the bridge fence and toss the key into the river.
Paris dismantled this display in 2015, siting (thanks @CNN for the update) crumbling of portions of the Pont des Arts bridge due to the estimated combined weight of roughly the same as 20 elephants with the 700,000+ locks. . . . Still, the sentiment travels and pictured here is another example of the same.
For those looking for another way to express some love … how about a yummy meal or moment with Just Right Ranch Let Me Call You Sweet Tart Preserves? We love it and hope you will, too.
Here’s to a wonderful season of love!

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Just Right Ranch heads to the Americas Mart


We are delighted to bring a carefully curated selection of our products to the Atlanta America’s Mart this January 9-13, 2019. You’ll be able to find us at the Georgia Grown Pavilion in Building 2, Floor 3, Booth 529 amongst other Georgia Grown companies.

Just Right RANCH Building 2, Floor 3, Booth 529

Just Right RANCH Building 2, Floor 3, Booth 529

As a member of Georgia Grown, we are delighted with this opportunity and look forward to sharing our creations with buyers.

Growing Passionfruit With Permaculture Methods

Two of my favorites- permaculture and passionfruit. This article is the best of both worlds- or helps to create it!!

Instagram post

Passionfruit surprise in our garden

Surprise blessing

They told me it’s impossible to grow passionfruit here. They were wrong. Permaculture came to the rescue.
— Read on www.tropicalpermaculture.com/passionfruit-permaculture.html

Real Raw Honey Crystallizes. And That’s A Good Thing

I learn so much from other Beekeepers all the time. Here’s one great explanation about honey crystallization from Bee Raw Honey.

Crystallization of honey is actually a good thing – it means you have a raw, real product that still contains all of honey’s natural nutrition. Bee Raw Blog
— Read on blog.beeraw.com/real-raw-honey-crystal