Georgia Organics Conference


We’re so excited to be joining the Georgia Organics Conference this month. Plus, we’ve decided to become Georgia Organics Members.


If you’re attending the event, let’s meet there. If not, maybe we’ll see you at one of the other Georgia Organics events, or at the farmers market when we are able to demonstrate the fruits of our learnings!

Feels great using my herb garden and bee hives to create organic lip balm


So proud! I harvested Melissa and Aloe from my herb garden alongside with honey and wax from my bee hives to make my very first batch of lip balm. I love the results! After a few days I’m already seeing great results and enjoy the consistency of the balm, too. It’s amazing how quickly the impact of good, organic ingredients can impact our bodies. My lips were wind-burnt and cracking from working outside and mornings at the farmers market under the hot southern sun. Now, my lips actually are kiss-able! Whoop! Whoop!

Many thanks to How To Provide For Your Family for their recipe, too!!

This recipe is easy-peezy. After you make these, you will wonder why you were spending $3 per tube from the store. 1 ounce Beeswax 2 tbsp Avocado Oil 4 tsp Coconut Oil 2 tsp Cocoa Butter 2 tsp Honey ~ 1 tsp Aloe Vera 1/2 tsp Vitamin E Oil 1/8-1 tsp Beet Powder (optional colorant) […]

via Moisturizing Lip Balm — How to Provide

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Place beehives here for best success

This is a great article on how to locate your hives in the right place to achieve the best environment for the bees as well as your own life activities. As we’re headed into spring and adding to our beehives, this advice is really helpful from my point of view.

via Natural Beekeeping: Selecting a site for your New Apiary.

Honey harvest on the horizon

CIMG4844In Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway is a fierce location to visit, and a surprise to me to see the honeycomb shaped rocks stubbornly refusing to yield to the gale-force winds and pounding waves. CIMG4849I bring this location to your attention because I’m also amazed at nature and the repeat of the honeycomb shapes in my bee-hive. Or is it that the rocks repeat the honeycomb… which came first the bee hive or the Giant’s Causeway? CIMG4843Regardless, the surprises I see in nature amaze me daily and as I’m on the cusp of harvesting my first honey supers, I am waxing nostalgically on my trip as well. (you can groan at the pun…) CIMG4829This was an awesome adventure.

Now, I’m looking forward to my honey harvest adventure which starts on US Independence Day!

Bee Hives are here!

00101_2VLP9RwPVxC_600x450I’ve acquired my first two bee hives! Found a really great carpenter in the North Georgia Mountains who takes the time to make sure the hives are square and shares fun conversation when we met. This weekend I painted the hives during the glorious 60 degree warm weather we had here in Georgia.

Next steps…
– Learn a bit more about bee keeping at the Cheorkee Bee School on Feb 21
– Bee arrival – Mid / Late March
– Buy remaining hive tools, including that all important bee hive suit! I need to move this one up before I get the bees!
– Confirm the bee hive location

I’m almost ready to go. Any advice for the novice bee keeper?