Growing Passionfruit With Permaculture Methods

Two of my favorites- permaculture and passionfruit. This article is the best of both worlds- or helps to create it!!

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Passionfruit surprise in our garden

Surprise blessing

They told me it’s impossible to grow passionfruit here. They were wrong. Permaculture came to the rescue.
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Homemade cucumber trellis from Bamboo and Crepe Myrtle limbs and companion planting chart

I love mixing up plants in my garden. Finding the right mix of herbs, vegetables, flowers and seeing what surprises come each season. Here’s a good chart I found and so appreciate the options and details. Maybe you’ll enjoy this too.

via Companion Planting Information and Chart – The Permaculture Research Institute

This year I’m going to mix something with the cucumbers that I’ve planted as well as many of the other plantings. We crafted a trellis (below)  specifically for the cucumbers from recycled tree limbs from our farm. I’m thinking a companion climber might be in order to go along with the cucumbers, but who knows??


Georgia Organics Conference


We’re so excited to be joining the Georgia Organics Conference this month. Plus, we’ve decided to become Georgia Organics Members.


If you’re attending the event, let’s meet there. If not, maybe we’ll see you at one of the other Georgia Organics events, or at the farmers market when we are able to demonstrate the fruits of our learnings!

Make your own ginger-ade soda | Sarah Wilson

photovia make your own ginger-ade soda | Sarah Wilson

I can relate to Sarah’s “obsession”. I love ginger ale, and I’m looking forward trying this recipe of homemade ginger ale. Since I have my own kefir grains, I have whey on hand in spades. I’ll be using fresh ginger and the whey to make my ginger ale.

How do you make yours?