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This is the link to our online store. Below is information about our honey offerings.

Just Right Ranch harvests honey from our hives and making raw honey available to you at local farmers markets and festivals. In addition, we create honey infusions based upon the seasonal availability of ingredients like organically grown lavender buds. We hope you will find a flavor or two you just love and come back to discover new flavors along the way.

Honey Varieties – 100% raw, all natural honey

Honey Infusions & Ingredients – while experimenting in the kitchen, we’ve found a balance to keep the raw goodness of honey and incorporated select herbs or flowers into the honey to create a new taste sensation.

  • Chamomile infused Purple Star Thistle Honey – Honey, Chamomile blossoms
  • Cinnamon infused Honey – Honey, cinnamon
  • Hibiscus infused Clover Honey –Honey and hibiscus blossoms
  • Lavender infused Wildflower Honey – Honey, organic lavender buds
  • Star Anise infused Clover Honey –Honey, Star Anise
  • Vanilla infused Clover Honey– Honey, Vanilla beans and extract
  • Vanilla infused Purple Star Thistle Honey– Honey, Vanilla beans and extract

Honey Nutritional Information