Real Raw Honey Crystallizes. And That’s A Good Thing

I learn so much from other Beekeepers all the time. Here’s one great explanation about honey crystallization from Bee Raw Honey.

Crystallization of honey is actually a good thing – it means you have a raw, real product that still contains all of honey’s natural nutrition. Bee Raw Blog
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Reasons To Buy Raw, Local Honey

This wonderful article explains the reasons why it’s important to buy raw, local honey and what’s wrong with most of the honey being sold in stores today. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Bee Hives are here!

00101_2VLP9RwPVxC_600x450I’ve acquired my first two bee hives! Found a really great carpenter in the North Georgia Mountains who takes the time to make sure the hives are square and shares fun conversation when we met. This weekend I painted the hives during the glorious 60 degree warm weather we had here in Georgia.

Next steps…
– Learn a bit more about bee keeping at the Cheorkee Bee School on Feb 21
– Bee arrival – Mid / Late March
– Buy remaining hive tools, including that all important bee hive suit! I need to move this one up before I get the bees!
– Confirm the bee hive location

I’m almost ready to go. Any advice for the novice bee keeper?