Growing Passionfruit With Permaculture Methods

Two of my favorites- permaculture and passionfruit. This article is the best of both worlds- or helps to create it!!

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Passionfruit surprise in our garden

Surprise blessing

They told me it’s impossible to grow passionfruit here. They were wrong. Permaculture came to the rescue.
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Reasons To Buy Raw, Local Honey

This wonderful article explains the reasons why it’s important to buy raw, local honey and what’s wrong with most of the honey being sold in stores today. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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GA Turkey for Thanksgiving

I’m excited to order our first fresh, local Georgia Turkey for the holidays. The turkey is from Heritage Farm, a diversified, pasture based farm in Georgia near the Alabama border. Their turkeys are pasture raised and are supplemented with 100% organic feed. No hormones, steroids, gmo’s, soy or antibiotics. Size will average about 17-20 pounds. Online ordering, and they also offer weekly drop offs of their regular products and offer CSAs and Farm Shares. Here’s a map of their drop-off locations and their Farm and a link to their blog. How about you? Have you ordered your turkey from a local farmer? Let’s try it together!