Making: Apple Scrap Vinegar – Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories

In my month of Apple focus, I’m looking at many ways to use and enjoy apples. Here is a lesson shared from our friends “Down Under” (Australia mates)! Hope you find it as fascinating as I did. And, now I also have a purpose for all the Apple bits left over from making Apple Butter! – Deb

Apple scrap vinegar: you can drink it straight, use it as a household cleaner, drizzle it over your favourite salad and rinse your hair in it. Let’s talk about how seriously good this stuff is, as well as being crazy easy to make. While not being new to the wonderful world of fermenting, apple scrap vinegar was
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Homemade cucumber trellis from Bamboo and Crepe Myrtle limbs and companion planting chart

I love mixing up plants in my garden. Finding the right mix of herbs, vegetables, flowers and seeing what surprises come each season. Here’s a good chart I found and so appreciate the options and details. Maybe you’ll enjoy this too.

via Companion Planting Information and Chart – The Permaculture Research Institute

This year I’m going to mix something with the cucumbers that I’ve planted as well as many of the other plantings. We crafted a trellis (below)  specifically for the cucumbers from recycled tree limbs from our farm. I’m thinking a companion climber might be in order to go along with the cucumbers, but who knows??